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FGD (Focus Group Discussion) di selenggarakan oleh ILO (the International Labour Organization)

Office Jakarta pada: Hari/Tanggal : Selasa / 20 Feb 2018, Jam : 09:00 – 12:00 Hrs,Tempat : Kantor ILO Jakarta, Menara Thamrin 22nd Floor, Jl. M.H.Thamrin Kav 03, Jakarta 10250.

FGD di hadiri oleh
1.       ILO National Project Officer                                        Ms Among Resi
2.       ILO Rep. (the researcher)                                             Prof Vasco (Ahli Hukum Laut dari Universitas Lisboa, Portugal)
3.       General Chairman CIMA                                             Gatot Cahyop Sudewo, SE, MM.Tr
4.       General Chairman ISMAA                                           DR. Tohana, SE, MM
5.       Head of Fisheries Div. APINDO                                  Thomas Darmawan
6.       Communication & Training Officer AP2HI               Ilham Alhaq
7.       Secretary General ASTUIN                                          DR. Imron Natsir, MM
FGD Objectives:
The meeting aims to supports the study, with the specific objectives to:
1.       Synthesize existing literature on C188 (Convention 188 – Convention Concerning

Work In The Fishing Sector) gaps analysis in Indonesia

2.       Identify the provisions of P29 (Protocol to Convention 29 – Protocol to the forces
Labour convention, 1930, Adopted by the conference at its one hundred and
Third ssseion, Geneva, 11 June 2014 that are already reflected in the law and
Practice, as well as the provisions of P029 that would require changes to law and practice
To ensure compliance
3.       Highlight commonalities, if any, between Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines in
Relation to existing law and practice